Durk’s College & Career Readiness Cohort: Campus Tours

NHF rolled out their Durk’s College & Career Readiness Cohort during the Fall semester of 2022 (Morehouse College – Atlanta, Georgia, and Talladega College – Talladega, Alabama) in partnership with NASCAR, Atlanta Hawks and Pepsi Co.

Spring semester of 2023 (Howard University – Washington, DC) in partnership with Amazon Music Rotation and Marc Jacobs.

The purpose of a college and career readiness cohort for Black high school students is to provide them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to successfully navigate the transition from high school to college or career. By participating in the cohort, students can develop a deeper understanding of their post-secondary options, identify their strengths and interests, and create an actionable plan for achieving their future goals.

Additionally, the cohort provides students with networking opportunities, job shadowing experiences, and exposure to various industries, all of which can enhance their employability and help them make informed decisions about their future. Ultimately, Durk’s college and career readiness cohort helps high school students achieve their full potential and maximize their opportunities for success in the future.


Served 50 youth

Estimated Value
0 K

($100 being in scholarships)

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